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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas From Deborah Bollman Studio

Give the Gift of Art!

     Although it is to late to commission a painting in time for holiday gift giving you can still give the gift of art! I have a nice inventory of horse, dog and NFL Football themed artwork and reproductions available. Here are some offerings! And if you would like to give a holiday portrait of a beloved horse dog or NFL player from your own photo, you can order a gift certificate for holiday gift giving and the recipient can be involved in the process of creating a treasured heirloom. Drop me and email at if you have an interest!

Thanks for looking!



I love the thrill and action of showjumping and tried to capture that in this painting. This painting depicts a jumper in the warm Florida sun of the winter circuit! I tried to capture that wonderful clear light. I think I have accomplished what I have set out to do! This is a reproduction of the acrylic original.

This  is an 8 x 10 new, giclee reproduction.This image is printed on a 100% acid- free, archival quality, fine art paper and printed with archival inks. It comes packaged in a protective,acid free cello bag with backing board.  $35.00 includes Priority Mail shipping!



The Baroque horse is a thing of beauty. I do adore the baroque breeds and love to paint them. One of my most popular prints. This is a reproduction of the acrylic original.

This is an 8 x 10 new, giclee reproduction.This image is printed on a 100% acid- free, archival quality, fine art paper and printed with archival inks. It comes packaged in a protective, acid free cello bag with backing board. 


Set of 3 Daily Riding Essential Giclee Reproductions

This is really fun set of prints that would look really great in a tack room or farm office! A bath bucket and scraper, mane comb and a leather back German body brush.  These are giclee reproductions of the acrylic originals. Each 5 x 7 image is printed on 10 x 8, 100% acid- free, archival quality, fine art paper and printed with archival inks. It comes packaged in a protective, acid free cello bag with backing board.

$60 for the set of three.
I have one set left!
Plus $6.95 for Priority Mail Shipping.


Set of 2 ORIGINAL Daily Essential Paintings

Hoof Pick 2 (6 x 8) and Show Sheen (8 x 6) are very familiar items in the tack box. These two little s a really fun paintings make a great grouping for a tack room of farm office! Fun! These are ORIGINAL acrylic paintings on canvas board.
Price for both is $60. 
Price includes Priority Mail Shipping.


This little Border Collie painting is titled What About Me? It depicts my most favorite breed of dog. This one really, really wants to come out to play but can't reach the latch! :)

 This  5 x 7 image is printed on 10x 8, 100% acid- free, archival quality, fine art paper and printed with archival inks. It comes packaged in a protective, acid free cello bag with backing board. 


Doberman Joy

Doberman Joy captures the unbridled enthusiasm of a red Doberman. 
This is one of my most popular canine prints!

This is an 8 x 10 new, giclee reproduction.This image is printed on a 100% acid- free, 
archival quality, fine art paper and printed with archival inks. It comes packaged 
in a protective, acid free cello bag with backing board. 

$25.00 plus $6.95 Priority Mail Shipping.


And for the 
NY Giants fan!
Running For Glory

I just love the excitement of football and those game changing moments. I painted this one in one go. And as usually happens the paintings that get done in one day are usually my favorites. They tend my own urgency in capturing a fleeting emotion. I had this wonderful comment on this painting- "Brilliant! It's seething with power. I think you captured the anonymous brutality of the game. Whether you were going for that I don't know. But it's in there." I couldn't have said it better!

Running For Glory was a finalist in the January FASO Bold Brush Painting Competition!

This is a giclee reproduction of the watercolor original. $35 includes Priority mail Shipping.

The ORIGINAL is available HERE 
As well as a large selection of Football Original Artwork!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Playing With a Watercolor Horse

     I have several different projects going on right now. One of which  is this watercolor horse. It's been a while since I just played with color in a horse painting and I 'm really enjoying this! I laid down an initial loose, pencil sketch and then wet the paper and started dropping in pigment. I'm always mindful of the musculature of the horse and the light source as I add darks and do a bit of lifting.

This is the scary mask phase.

Building up layers...

   More progress today. Starting to really define shapes without getting too fussy. I want to keep this loose and fresh.  I've also started developing the expression which is critical for a successful animal painting.  

Holiday Commissions and Gift Giving

     Original artwork makes a cherished holiday gift!  I have everything from Equine art, Canine art, Landscapes and NFL Football! Grab a mug of cocoa, click on this link and  browse my website for some great gift ideas and stocking stuffers!

 I have one spot left for a commission and I offer gift certificates so that the gift recipient can be involved in the process of their portrait! Contact me to book a portrait or if you have any questions!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Beauty in the Storm

These types of paintings are the ones that I love to do the most. It is watercolor at it's best. Painted from my car during a Nor' easter, it has joined the ranks as one of my favorites. Watercolor, 5 x 7.5, on Arches 140 Rough

To Purchase     SOLD

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Painting

Alex Smith, quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, 8 x11, watercolor on 300lb Arches, RP. Great holiday gift idea for the football fan!! Email me at more info! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Holiday Portrait Time! Two Spots Left!

10 x 8 Acrylic on Canvas 
©DeborahBollman, 2013 

The clock is ticking, the holidays are right around the corner and now's the time to book your portrait if you'd like it in time for holiday gift giving! I have a two more spots available for holiday portraits! If you are thinking of giving the gift of a horse, dog or NFL football portrait/painting, please, don't hesitate to contact me. The process is super easy to get started! For more info private message me or drop me an email at

Finished this one last week.

 Bailey, Watercolor, 14 x 12 on 300 lb, Arches Hot Press.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Playing With Paint

     When you paint for a living it sometimes takes an icky painting day to get you to break out of work mode and just play with the paints again and that is exactly what I did this week. Just freaking played. And playing is fun. So that means work is fun!  I set the timer and did some more timed sketches of one my favorite subjects - NFL Football. When the timer goes off it's done. No chance to muck it up, or dab, dab, dab, dab... paint and go. And *that* for me is what watercolor is all about. Spontaneity, freshness, deliberate and confident brushstrokes.. And sometimes when I'm working on a big project or a commission I forget that and end up in it muck- it-up-land. Doing that more thing.... which usually is the kiss of death for a watercolor painting. 

     I taped off a sheet of watercolor into approximately 6 x 5 rectangles and went through my wonderfully extensive football reference photo library. Wonderful because I took the photos myself! 
I did contour drawings and then had at it..  Simplicity is the name of the game, basic shapes and suggestions and just let the eye fill in the details. It really is a great exercise to make me stop thinking to much and just let my instincts take over. And did I mention it's fun!

First attempt 20 minutes... okay 22 minutes because Eli's helmet needed a tad more of detail.  Keep in mind too that these are bit larger than the originals.

Quarterback Eli Manning of the New York Giants
Eli Manning, ©DeborahBollmanStudio 2013

Next came Frank Gore from my favorite team the San Francisco 49ers. I gave myself 30 minutes with this but it was actually too much time. I started to fuss with it so for the next one it's back to 20 minutes. I may do a larger version of this one.

Frank Gore ©DeborahBollmanStudio 2013

     And finally another 49ers painting... Vernon Davis who is himself and artist and actually owns an art gallery! Check it it out here!  With this one it was back to 20 minutes again. And I 'm quite happy with the result. Mission accomplished!

Vernon Davis ©DeborahBollmanStudio 2013

All of these are available for purchase! First emails to me at gets them! $60 each! How fun would these be for stocking stuffers?

     And speaking of stocking stuffers I am booking for those holiday commissions and this year am adding NFL paintings to the list! So if you have a dog, horse or football fan ( and who doesn't?) then a commissioned portrait would make a treasured gift! I can do watercolor or acrylic on canvas.  The process super easy to get started. Drop me an email if you have an interest!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quick Little Sketches

Having a bit of an icky painting day, finding myself getting bogged down in too much detail. So to loosen up I decided to tape off 5 x6 squares and do some really quick, timed watercolor sketches. Twenty minutes.....that's it. That's all she wrote.. Here's the first one.... now for some chocolate.. and then onto the next...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Horse Work In Progress

     I currently have six paintings going right now It's amazing what feeling inspired will do for you! Three of them are horses and since you have asked here is a Work in Progress of one of them. I won't be divulging the name or final of this boy until it goes to it's new home. 

Step #1

    The sketch. I did several variations on the sketch and I like the composition of this one the best. I'm using Arches 300 lb Hot Press with a very smooth, bright white paper and is probably one of favorites because it is very suited for the way I like to work. This piece measure 14 x 11.

©Deborah Bollman

Step #2  

     Laying down the lightest glazes first and saving the white of the paper.

©Deborah Bollman

Step #3

     Starting to lay in the darks and modeling the musculature. As soon as I start adding some of the darkest darks the light seem to appear from nowhere. 

©Deborah Bollman

 Be sure to follow my blog or sign up for my newsletter for studio updates!

Holiday Portrait Gift Commissions

     THe holidays are right around the corner! Time to start thinking about commissioning those holiday portraits. I've already have a few spots spots booked! If you are thinking of giving the gift of a horse, dog or NFL football portrait/painting, please, don't hesitate to contact me. The process is super easy to get started! For more info drop me an email at

Luke, Watercolor, SOLD

©Deborah Bollman
Running For Glory, WatercolorAvailable
FASO Bold Brush Top 15%

Have an amazing day!


Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Atmospheric Watercolors

©Deborah Bollman Studio. All Rights Reserved.

One of the things watercolor is made for is painting these atmospheric, misty scenes.  You just control that water and move the paper and the watercolor just does it's thing.  Love, love, love watercolors for this. This is an 8.5x10 watercolor on 140 lb Arches, Rough Press. SOLD.

All paintings are unmatted and unframed- unless stated otherwise.
Email me for additonal info and photos on works or commissioning a horse or dog portrait. 
Gift Certificates & Layaway Available

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Forty Niners Work in Progress Update

  More work went into this watercolor of the San Francisco Forty Niners Defense last night. I took the reference photo for this one at the Jets/Niners game at MetLife Stadium last year. How about that game against the Rams on Thursday night?!! 35-11!! Go Niners!!  I'm really looking forward to getting this one finished. The image is a little bit washed out because I took this photo with my phone but you can get the idea of where it's going.  I'm really not wanting to get too fussy with the details. and working wet on wet, dropping in pigment and moving the board around and just allowing the watercolor to do it's thing. I love this medium, and this team for that matter! :) It's going to look awesome in that gold frame that I have picked out for it. To see previous progress photos of this painting you can click here... Niners WIP

Have an awesome day!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's Football Season!!

It's that time of year again! NFL Football season! Have a mentioned that I am a HUGE football fan? And have I mentioned that I am even bigger San Francisco Forty Niners Fan?  There is probably nothing I enjoy painting more that the color and action of NFL football. 

I had started this painting of the Forty Niners a while back and got caught up working on commissions so I never got around to completing it.. I took the reference photo for this painting last year at MetLife Stadium in E. Ruthersford NJ when they beat the NY Jets. I love the interaction of the players. Don't you just want to know what these guys are talking about? Who else is a football fan? Favorite team? 

I'm tightening it up, pushing those darks and it should finish up pretty quickly now. It's an odd size...6.5 x 19 but I have a really nice gold frame for it. Watercolor on Arches 300lb, Hot Press.

To see the progression of this painting  can read the previous post on this work in progress by clicking here - Forty Niners WIP

It is an interesting size painting at 6 1/2 x 18 but I really like the size. It is a bit further along than this but I'll save that for the next post. Watercolor on Arches, 300lb Rough Press. 
Be sure to check out my other football painting in my gallery here.. Football Gallery

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Porch Studio and Workshop in Italy!

     Today I'm going to blog about my new studio space. As many of you may know we moved at the end of June and one of the fabulous perks of our new house is an extra wide, wrap around porch. This porch is like having three extra rooms on the house. Since I'm an outdoors-y kind of girl I decided to make use of some of it by setting up a studio space. I used my Cheap Joe's Signature Watercolor Easel... which I reviewed here and created a nice, simple work space. I found this easel to be too cumbersome and heavy for actual plein air work. This is the next best thing to en plein air painting and I'll be using it for as long as the weather allows.  I'd love to hear about your workspaces. Feel free to post links in the comments section below. 

  On another exciting note! Who is interested in doing a painting workshop/vacation with me in Tuscany, Italy in Ocober 2014? Artists (all levels) and non-artists welcome. You know you want to!!! Fun!! I'm brushing up on my Italian as we speak! Contact me for more details!

The 2014 is not up on the website yet so email me for more info! Fun!!!!!

Monday, August 05, 2013

Seagull Watercolor

Ahhh.... the beach. Nothing like the beach to entice the artist me to hit the brushes then the beach in summer. I am thoroughly entertained by the antics of seagulls at Fire Island and they are quickly becoming a favorite subject! This little fellow (or is it a gal?) posed for his portrait. :) A fun little note... I actually used beach sand to get the effect of sand in the foreground!

This little watercolor was a quick sketch just look to get the idea across without too much detail.  Part of my $99 series of sketches.

Watercolor Seagull
Seagull, 9 x 5, Arches 140 RP, SOLD

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NY Giants Painting- Work in Progress

I have five paintings that I am currently working on including this rather ambitious watercolor of the NY Giants playing the NY Jets. Guess who won? This measures 14 x 22 and I'm working on 140lb Waterford Saunders Rough Press. My main goal is this piece is too capture the intensity, excitement and movement of thr game. I don't want to get too tight and I'm really just letting the paint do it's thing. 

©Deborah Bollman

In this second image things are starting to throw a shape. I'm finding my darks and establishing my center of interest which will be the player facing the viewer. He's got the ball! As far as technique goes I wet the paper and drop the pigment in and move the board around and then lift out the light spots. Anything goes to achieve the effect I'm after. 
I have more on this on my studio Facebook page. You can check it out at Deborah Bollman Fine Art on Facebook. As always comments welcome! 

©Deborah Bollman

For you football fans I am one of the Official bloggers for the NY Giants for at our so be sure to pop on over to Facebook and like our page and then check out the blog! on Facebook
Happy painting!


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