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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Updated Photos

I wanted to post some better photos of this dressage painting. The glare in the previous post was bothering me. I have also included some close-ups shots. I will listing this on my Etsy Store this evening so be sure to check it out! I will post the link tonight. This is unframed, price of $335 includes Priority Mail shipping + insurance. A payment plan is available for this one and all artwork over $100. See my Etsy Store for details.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Half Pass Dressage Painting

I had a super productive day in the studio today. I had the whole day to myself and I just got into the zone. I am calling this one done...theoretically speaking of course. I may find something that needs tweaking here or there. I struggled with this painting a bit because I went into it without a plan what-so-ever. This is a horse doing a half pass across the diagonal. This is a larger painting..refreshing for me since I have been doing so many small pieces lately. This is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and measures 18 x 14. It is available for sale! Time to do a new watercolor.. comments always welcome! The image has a bit of glare on it. I apologize for that. Don't forget that all images are clickable for an enlarged view!

WIP #2 Herding Border Collie Painting

Here is the next installment on this little Border Collie painting. I am working on the perspective trying to achieve the correct depth between the dog and the sheep. I am having a bit of time with the sheep due to poor reference photos! Does anyone have any good reference photos of sheep coming towards you that I could you use? Drop me a comment or an email at I would be eternally grateful! :)Thanks!
This quite a bit more to be done on it. It is a small 10 x 8 acrylic on gessoed hardboard.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Herding Dog Art - A Work In Progress

The dog paintings are flowing off the paintbrush these days. This painting is a combination of images brought together. I am using my own ref photos of Ireland, my Border Collie herding and separate sheep photos. I brought them together to create this little painting. Keep in mind that this is very much a work in progress. Now that the mainn ideas are blocked in I will start to work on deepening the values to create depth and interest. I am fascinated with working Border Collies...and I am hoping to catch that fascination and excitement in this painting. This is a 10 x 8 acrylic on gessoed board. Image is clickable for an enlarged view!

Don't forget the March Studio Sale at my Etsy shop. Some really nice original pieces available at very affordable prices! Epona Etsy Shop

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Border Collie Painting Completed

Boy, I have sure been going to the dogs lately! No worries though, finishing up a large dressage painting and have another smaller horse painting in the works. This watercolor is the final painting from the series of WIPS (Works In Progress) that I have posted here on the blog. Scroll down to see the painting come together. I am pretty much calling it done. It gets to sit about my studio for a bit where I may tweak it a bit here or there. In fact, I see a little something right now that needs to be tweaked! It's all in a days work. :-) This is 12 x 10 watercolor on Arches 140Hot Press, most favorite watercolor support. As always it is untitled! So ideas are welcome! Image is clickable for an enlarged view!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Celebrating Tess

I was organizing my computer and found some photos of Tess, my beautiful Border Collie, and me playing on the agility course. Next to herding sheep (and Guinea Hens) and playing ball.. agility is one of Tess's most enjoyed activities. She is intense super,super fast ( I have to work very hard to keep up on course and place myself strategically so she doesn't have to wait for me) and she just never stops smiling! So for fun I thought I'd post a few photos of us having some fun! For those of you who don't know about Tess. I got her from a Border Collie rescue here in the North East. With her previous owner she spent the first year of her life locked in a crate for most of the day because of her intensity level. I am incredibly lucky to have her. She is the most amazing dog, incredibly smart, trusting and just so much fun. She always makes me laugh. She is always so joyful..We can learn a thing or two from our dogs in that regards. So without further ado here is Tess and I having some fun!

Here I am trying to remember the course... she is so fast that I have to know exactly where I am going! There is no time to even think...Tess is rolling her eyes! I always get lost on course!

Case in point...the rocket is out of the tunnel......and where am I?

Tess up on the dog walk...I am staying with her here to try and get her to slow down a bit so she won't miss her contact on the ramp down.

Now she is supposed to be holding her stay her at the start of the course so I can get a nice big lead in. I can then send her and KEEP UP!! :-) However, if you look closely..Little Miss Let's Get On With This has her butt off the ground and is creeping to the first jump!

My happy girlie!

So there you have it!

I do have some updates from the art end of things. I received notification last week that 2 pieces of my horse art have been accepted for cover art for The Chronicle of The Horse magazine. I am very excited about that. I have also been invited to participate in an artist Slide Slam here in New York. There will 10 artists altogether and we each have 10 minutes to show slides of our work and (lord help me) talk about the art... I hate public speaking... Other that that I really don't know what to expect and will know more when we do a trial run through. If any of you folks have ever done or been to a Slide Slam can you pop me a comment and let me know more about them? Off to the studio to earn a living! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some more paintings

Last night's painting session has resulted in this Border Collie playing in the water. I really enjoyed painting this one. This is an 8 x 10 acrylic on gessoed hardboard.
I have also enjoyed the reasonably warm weather and took my pochade out and did a small plein air painting. This is our barn painted from the driveway...still cold..stil some snow. I really enjoy painting outside. This one is a small 5 x7 ,acrylics on canvas panel.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dressaeg Work In Progress

I am posting several images of the progression of this acrylic Dressage painting. I went into this painting without any sort of plan what so ever. Not a good has gone through many changes and has been a bit of a compositional challenge. I need to get rid of that low fence line..I have added a planter of flowers to break up the line... I need to stare at it for a while. You never know where this one will end up! I welcome discussion or thoughts on where to go compositionaly on this! All images are clickable for an enlarged view


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