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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jumper Schooling on the Flat WIP2

More on this little jumper painting. I had fully intended to finish this little painting last week but I wasn't feeling great. Those darn ticks got me again. I have Lyme...again... This is becoming my spring right of passage. Please, guys, check yourselves and your animals thoroughly for ticks after being in the great outdoors.
Okay, so back to this painting. When I first started out in horses I did the jumpers. I had a super Amateur Owner (A/O) horse named Mr CJ Bonkers. He was a super, super TB (ex racehorse) that I picked up cheap by paying his back board. His owner didn't want him anymore and he was just left in his stall for a couple of months when I found him. He was a very difficult, complicated spooky guy. But we clicked and we had a blast together. He was very accident prone..needed to be wrapped in bubble wrap....:) ..constantly getting stitches for this, cold hosed for that. He couldn't be tied and he spooked at everything when I first got him. His name was actually very appropriate! :) But this boy could jump and jump well and he was super fast. And I loved him dearly. We competed very successfully on the East Coast in the jumpers until I retired him at age 14 because of odd lameness issues that no vet could diagnose. Turns out he had LYME disease! Seeing a theme here? This was back in the early 80's before vets around here would routinely check for it. He was treated but never came 100% sound so he was lightly ridden, hunter paced, etc for fun .He loved to do stuff. He had an untimely, tragic death in a pasture accident at the age of 18 on Thanksgiving morning. He was an incredible boy. I am sure some of you have known a special horse like this. I'd love to hear about them!
So what,you may be thinking, does any of this have to do with this painting? The horse in the reference photo that I used for this could be his twin. So I will be using some of CJ's photos to complete this. I really will have this finished tonight.
This one is for those special horses. Let's hear about yours!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Jumper Painting

I just started this new painting of a jumper working on the flat this evening. I'm taking a little break so thought I would post the work in progress. I pretty much just blocked in the shapes here and will start to tighten things up a bit but not too much. I want to keep it loose and painterly. This measures 10 x 8 and is acrylic on canvas board. I apologize for the glare I took it with a flash but you can get the basic idea.
I listed a new quick sketch 5 x 7 painting yesterday in my Etsy store. It is a small acrylic sketch of an in- foal Gypsy Vanner from a reference photo from the Wet Canvas reference library. Painted on gessoed hardboard it can pop right into a stock frame and is ready for hanging. This is titled Gypsy Mama. 


Monday, May 04, 2009

Maplebrook Art Show

Saturday evenings art opening was a great success. Great people, fabulous artwork, wonderful food, big Derby hats and a thrilling race! When we arrived there was a brass band outside dressed up in red and white stripes. The first person I saw was equine photographer extraordinaire Juliet Harrison. She made a rosette out of film for her hat. Very clever! Be sure to check out her website to see her wonderful work. Juliet Harrison Photography

That's me on the left with my crazy Derby hat with Juliet on the right.

My derby hat. I found this hat in a consignment shop and then just stuffed it with fake flowers and rooster, turkey and Guinea Hen feathers. My roosters are not very happy! ;-)

Juliet with one her entries.

Two of my pieces on display.The painting Eyelashes depicts an inquisitive little foal.
Below that is Power & Lightness which I have previously done a WIP here on the blog.

Tilly Strauss is a wonderful local artist who participated in the show. I adore her work as I find it both whimsical and haunting. It can catch me off guard and make me think. There is something in her work that I can really relate to. Be sure to check out her website and blog.
Tilly Strauss Website
Tilly's Blog Showing Up For the Muse

The art show runs until June 7 and all artwork is available for sale. See link for details.
Maplebrook Art Show

Friday, May 01, 2009


I was interviewed about my art on Equinest. To read the full interview go here.

A reminder! Tomorrow is the Maplebrook Art Show Opening. Info in the previous post. I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces!

I have been active on Twitter these days so why don't you hop on over and follow! To follow me go to @eponastudio. I offer a 20% discount on a first purchase of an original painting
to my Twitter followers. Be sure to notify me of your intent to purchase and your Twitter id so that I can send you an invoice with the reflected discount! Come join the fun!

I am off to the studio to paint. I have been selling well and need to make more art! Happy spring!


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