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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wishing everyone a joyous and safe holiday season!

A HORSE(WO)MAN’S CHRISTMAS by horse trainer Doris Eraldi
It’s the night before Christmas, we’re out in the barn
Blanketing horses to keep them all warm
They’re eating their dinners, tucked in cozy stalls
Not aware that it’s Christmas or any special day at all

They can dream of spring pastures from their pine-scented beds
No visions of sugarplums dance in their heads
But we people are thinking of merry parties and such
Maybe feeling a little sad at missing so much

This season is special but the horses don’t know
We’ve got work to do before we can go
We finish the chores and head on inside
To get ready for dinner and our own yuletide

It’s nearly midnight, the carols are sung
I remember a story I was told when I was young
How at midnight on Christmas Eve
The creatures of the barnyard can speak to us with ease

I am called to the barn, I wade through the rain
I know I must go, I can’t really explain
I slide open the door, pause for a while
Then slowly walk down that dully lit aisle

A nicker from Casey, a wink from JD
Sleepy old Alibi waking to see
Tucker rustling his bedding, a snort soft and light
Each horse gave a greeting as I walked through the night

I thought about parties bright lit and warm
The ones we don’t go to ’cause we have the barn
And vacations and holidays that we don’t get
When we’re working long hours for bills to be met

Walking all the way to the end of the aisle
I stop to stroke Bonnie, it brings me a smile
She snuffles my face, hot breath on my skin
It starts me to thinking about my horses, my kin

I could be at parties with laughter and mirth
But where I am right now is the best place on Earth.

'Tis the day before Christmas and all through the house
The puppies are squeaking an old rubber mouse.
The wreath which had merrily hung on the door
Is scattered in pieces all over the floor.
The stockings that hung in a neat little row
Now boast a hole in each one of the toes.
The tree was subjected to bright-eyed whims
And now, although splendid, it's missing some limbs.
I catch them and hold them, be good I insist
They lick me, then turn off to see what they've missed.
And now as I watch them, the thought comes to me
That theirs is the spirit that Christmas should be.
Should children and puppies yet show us the way
And teach us the joy that should come with this day?
Could they bring the message that's written above
And tell us that, most of all, Christmas is love!
~ Author Unknown ~

Warmest regards,

Friday, December 18, 2009

Quiet Before the Storm

     We are battening down the hatches and getting ready to be blasted by a major snowstorm. Winter has come early or so it seems. The Christmas lights look so lovely in the snow. On that note, I thought I would post a photo of my tree! I have all the gifts wrapped, the cookies are baked and house decorated.  
   I am looking forward to going back into the studio and hit the watercolors. I had my new paper delivered from Cheap Joe's today. Lovely 300 lb Saunders Rough Press and Arches 300lb Hot Press paper. I do love the HP paper for my more detailed paintings. In my next update I will post some photos of a new work that is waiting to be completed.

Stay warm and safe! Enjoy the season!


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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last Commission Completed!

 I have been so busy painting, packing and delivering artwork that my blog writing has suffered terribly. I have finally finished my last commissioned holiday gift. This should reach it's destination before Christmas. I cannot post images of the latest portraits just yet. Don't want to ruin any surprises! After I deliver several packages to the post office I can take a deep breath and take some time to enjoy the holidays! I am also looking forward to hitting my watercolors again. All of the portraits have been done in acrylics. While I certainly do enjoy this medium I have to say that watercolors are my favorite!
On that note I have some plans for some wonderful new horse art.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for updates! Newsletter

I need to build up my inventory again as I have sold most of my original equine paintings over the past three months.  I want to welcome my new patrons! I am delighted that my work has touched you all.....

Reproductions are still available of my most popular images. I have had many, many requests for large format reproductions of Collection and Connection. I have set up an account with Imagekind to pruce these for me. You can order straight through them. I recommend you select the Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper or the Somersett Velvet. You can select the paper by clicking on Customize rather than Add to cart. These two images have a lot of impact! So here you go guys! Enjoy! To order go to to 



It certainly feels like winter has arrived in this part of the country. Sunday we got caught in what looked like some innocent light rain when the streets became glazed with ice. We (my husband, son and I) ended up sitting on the road along with hundreds of others motorists for several hours.  The salters and sanders couldn't even get anywhere! It was wild. But we came through it fine.

Yesterday we headed over the border into Connecticut to pick up our raw milk. I feel like a smuggler with contraband. Apparently it illegal to buy raw milk in New York. Anyway we stopped at a lovely park that has some gorgeous waterfalls for a nice walk. The falls are starting to freeze since the temps have been so low. So I took a photo for you guys to enjoy. This is my son giving the thumbs up!

Kent Falls

Hoping everyone is enjoying the Season!


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Monday, December 07, 2009

Wish - SOLD

This must be a record. This little painting sold with 24 hours with several requests. Thanks so much for the interest. I 'll  be posting some more smaller works this weeks in between my holiday painting commission work. So stay tuned! :)

All the best,

Sunday, December 06, 2009

This Weeks Little Painting ~ Holiday Wish

     My Epona Studio holiday cards are completed. This image depicts a baroque horse in the snow. I painted this on 6 x 8 cradles hardboard. and had it made into greeting cards.It is wired and ready for hanging. Inquiries to The original is available for $50 plus $5 for Priority Mail shipping. The original DOES NOT contain the words WISH!

    We had a nice snowfall in the North East yesterday. It really helps puts you in the holiday mood. I am about finished decorating and I will post photos when I am through! Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season!

Warm regards,

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dress Blues Revisited and FREE Golden Open Paint!

This painting has been haunting me. It has had no less then 5 inquiries from collectors wanting to purchase it yet here it sits in my studio. I keep looking at the painting and the horse's expression and eye have really been bothering me. So last night I sat down with my little Arches #1 Sable and got to work on the eye. Ten minutes later...voila! I now have a painting that I love.

Older version-   I am known for the expression that I can create in the eye and this just was not cutting it for me. Eye too dull and flat..

New and improved version of Dress Blues- 11 x 14 Watercolor on Arches 140# Hot Press paper. This is much improved. Don't you think?
Now and I would be delighted to send this off to new home! To purchase click

Who wants some free Golden Open paints?  :)

I have tried these Open Golden paints and  just don't like them They stay open too long for my liking . I will stick with my M Grahams which stay open just long enough for my style of painting. But I do know that many of you fellow artist's do like them. So on that note I will be happy to give away one 4 oz jar of Golden Open Ultramarine Blue (retails for $10)  and one 4 oz jar of Golden Open Burnt Umber (retails for $9) to the first  artist who says they want them!  You can comment below or send me and email. Just pay for the shipping! Specify how you want them shipped and I will find out the cost.They are almost completely full. Consider this my Christmas gift to one of my lucky artist readers! :)

Have a happy day!


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Border Collie Joy wins the CAG Helping Paws People's Choice Award!

So much news this week. I have just about resolved my internet issues. YAY! I have switched dsl companies so hopefully I will now have consistant dsl connection. I get hooked up tomorrow!

Border Collie Joy Wins the Canine Art Guild's Helping Paws People's Choice Award!

First, I want to thank each and everyone of you who voted for Border Collie Joy which is in the Canine Art Guild's 2nd Annual Helping Paws Online Exhibit. The painting Border Collie Joy connected with the most viewers and earned the First Place People's Choice Award! The dog in the painting is named Luke and he was the founder's of GHF  first BC Rescue. He inspired them to go on a make it a life's mission to rescue these wonderful dogs.Glen Highland Farm will get a nice donation of $100! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote!! This means so much to me!

Border Collie Joy

Canine Art Guild's Helping Paw Online Exhibit
First Place People's Choice Award
To Benefit Glen Highland Farm Border Collie Rescue

Sunsoaked! Sold

This week I sent off Sunsoaked to it's new home. I do love this piece and I have to say iit is one of my favorites. It is in the running for the HITS (Horse Show in the Sun) 2010 Winter Program Covers for Ocala, Florida and Thermal , Ca.  I hope it gives as much pleasure to it's new owner as has to me in it's creation.

16 x 20 Acrylic

I have so much more to report but I will save it for another blog post! I need to get up to speed and get my posts more regular again! So check back tomorrow!

Have a great evening!



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