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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Studio Sale!

Winter Studio Sale

     It's that time of year again! I got bit by the spring cleaning bug and have been cleaning out my studio. This means I have a few offerings for an Ebay sale. I have listed my newest giclee reproduction of the watercolor original Power & Lightness. This is my newest Dressage reproduction. I have 3 listed with bidding starting at only $15!

I have also listed a couple of Daily Riding Essential Paintings, an original Viszla and an ORIGINAL 10 x 8 acrylic painting. I will be popping a few other items on during the week. So be sure to visit my listing page!

Other Studio News

 Artist Retreat

On another note I am super excited to be attending an artist retreat in May. A will be spending a whole week in the beautiful Catskill Mountains working with master watercolorist Alvaro Castagnet. I am looking forward to immersing myself in this wonderful opportunity to learn from such a wonderful painter. If you are not familiar with his work and are curious to know (and see) more visit his website here.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Dressage Horse WIP 2

I worked a bit more on this last night. It is starting to throw a bit of a shape now. Originally I was thinking of making this a grey horse  but things change! :)  I wanted it to pop more so I changed to a more vibrant palette. At this point I am working wet on wet. I wet the areas I want to add color to, drop in the pigments and turn the paper on end letting the colors mix on paper. I keep an eye on maintaining the correct musculature when wetting the paper. Wherever the paper is wet the pigment goes. The dry paper acts like a brake and stops the pigment from going any further by beading up.. This is super fun and I never know what I am going to end up with at this point but the paintings always seem to work out! Here is an example of where I am going with this from my website. Connection

Have a great day!


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dressage Horse Watercolor, Dogs & Landscapes

I have to apologize for my blogging lapses. My little Apple laptop is not recovering from it's kernal panic attacks. I loose everything that I am working on when it crashes. There will be a new laptop in my future.
Art show deadlines have been keeping me busy and I have several pieces that I am completing. I have about 6 paintings I am working on plus a daily plein air. So I am busy, busy, busy again. I am going to be doing a little studio sale on Ebay in the next week so keep an eye out. I'll post info here and I will send out the info in a newsletter. You can have the latest info delivered right to your mailbox. Sign up here... Newsletter
The above image is a fun piece that I am working on. I am playing with this one and seeing where the water and pigment takes me when I push it around the paper. The eyes are in the initial glazing stage so they have a scarey mask-like appearance. It still amazes me how these paintings develop with each glaze. Sometimes I think they will never work out and then all of a sudden they start to throw a shape. This is painted on a quarter sheet (14 x 10 1/2) on Arches 300 lb, hot press paper. This is a super heavy, thick paper with a lovely smooth feel. Just wonderful for pushing paint around.

Still on the easel in my Newfoundland puppy. Starting to push those darks now. She is in the very blue stage! Many of my black dogs start out this way! Getting there!

Since the computer seems to be cooperating I will go ahead and post 2 plein airs that I did. En Plein Air means that they were painted on the spot and not from photos.
The first is a painting of our barn done from the driveway from our house. It was SUPER cold out and the painting water was icing up! But I did get to use my new Cheap Joe's Field Easel! This is a 7 x 10.

This second one is quite large. It meaures 14 x 12 (or there about) and was painted during a break when we had torrential rains that washed away the snow! This is a tree that sits next to my driveway. There is something about this one that I really like.

I don't want to push my luck and have a computer melt down! So signing off here! As always your comments are always appreciated! Have a great day!



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