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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You've got to love acrylics!

I have been trying to decide how to save this painting. It started out with a rider and green,tree-ed background. And it just bugged me! I kept reworking the rider and it got worse. I do need to have a huge sign over my eisel that says..Stop Me Before I Kill Again!....I need to get out of the trap of overworking stuff. Anyway, inspiration struck and I decided to obliterate the little man and completely remove him from the painting. So here is where we are now and I am really liking it. There is still more to do but you can get the idea. I apologize for the glare but I had to use the flash. The previous version is down below on this blog. I am thinking of titling it -Dancing in the Moonlight. But..I am open to suggestions! Feel free to offer title suggestions below! Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Announcing Epona Studio's New Home on the Web

I am thrilled to announce Epona Studio's new home on the web at
Epona Studio
The address is so be sure to update your bookmarks. The new website offers safe and secure shopping for prints and original artwork using Paypal. Be sure to sign up for the new email newsletter.


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