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Saturday, February 28, 2009

March Studio Sale!

Time to think spring and take stock of my studio inventory and make room for my new paintings. So now is your chance to take advantage and get the piece you have your eye on! I offered several pieces of ORIGINAL artwork for sale for the month of March in my Etsy store! Feel free to make offers AND I offer a layaway plan offer artwork with price tags over $100. Details at my shop site! My store is at Epona Studio

I am also very excited to announce that I heave been invited to join the Etsy Whoa Horse Artist Group. Whoa Blog

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Foal Painting

I want to give a warm thanks to all of the folks who have purchased my artwork and for the emails of kind praise . Thank you for helping me stay in business and appreciating the art that I so lovingly create. It is much appreciated! In these tough economic times I will be offering a lot more small, affordable works so that you may have the opportunity to purchase an original piece of artwork at an affordable cost. Nothing brightens your wall better than an original painting that touches your heart.
I completed this painting last evening. Here an adorable foal sketch done in acrylics. I just love his long eyelashes! This a 10 x 8 gem done on canvas panel. It is ready to pop into a stock frame and hang on your wall. As always title suggestions are welcome!! Available for purchase. Click here to purchase .

Monday, February 23, 2009

Border Collie Puppy update

I have put some more painting time into this so time for a new update. I have added quite few more glazes of Ult Blue, Perm Alizarian Crimson and Davey's Grey. I am trying to find the darks and balance at this point. I have a ratty old brush that I use to do fur. I need to do bit of lifting next and some more glazes on the nose for the next step. I am pretty happy with this so far. Watercolor, 14 x 11 on Arches Hot Press

Playing with my paints!

I homeschool my son with a Waldorf style curriculum and we do a lot of watercolor painting. So yesterday I joined him in one of his wet-on-wet projects and just played with my watercolors. This was unbelievably freeing (and fun)! I didn't know where it was going but out of the mingling colors I found interesting shapes and themes that are very familiar to me. This quite large..18 x 24...I usually work 11 x 16 or smaller. If you have been stuck or used to working in a certain way I highly recommend trying something like this and just letting loose. It was quite intimidating at first! I had no plan.... just a jar of water, a big sheet of white paper and a big brush..... untitled, M Graham watercolors on Arches CP paper. It is a bit washed out from the flash. I apologize for that. The colors are much more vibrant and brilliant IRL.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Border Collie Painting WIP

I have been doing so much acrylic work lately that I've been itching to get back to my watercolors. WC's are my most favorite medium and I particularly enjoying painting dogs with them. This posted image is my latest effort. I found this really cute BC pup in the Wet Canvas reference library. I am using a very limited palette for this painting..6 colors. Aliz. Crimson, Yellow Ochre, Cobalt, Payne's Grey, Indigo and Gamboge. This is the early stages of many glazes. I work wet on wet at this point just buillding up layers, mixing color on the paper and pushing the paint around. I just get in the zone, listening to Jack Johnson and playing with my watercolors! No title as of yet so I would love some suggestions. I am really bad at coming up with titles!:-)
This painting measures 14 x 11 on Arches Hot Press, M Grahams.


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